Mission: To become the leading Medical and Regulatory Affairs partner in Africa and other Emerging Markets

Vicore Health is a pharmaceutical-industry service and technology provider specialising in Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance, Governance and Medical Affairs solutions.

Our main clients are pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic and complementary medicine manufacturers, and marketing authorization holders. These clients are searching for a strategic regulatory partner to support go-to market strategies, a reliable provider of fully managed outsourced services with supporting technology platforms, right down to ad hoc workload relief for inhouse functions.

Our approach to centralised regulatory, medical, commercial and administrative services is based on a tested hub-model developed over years of doing business in some of the most complex, dynamic and under-resourced environments.

Our international and Mauritian-based team offers innovative, agile and flexible regulatory and medical services through competitively priced project and/or retainer-based solutions to suite customer needs.

Finally, we understand that doing business in Africa and other developing countries necessitate an agile approach to achieving the desired profit ambitions while maintaining the necessary standards and compliance. Therefore, innovation and trust forms part of our foundational principles at Vicore Health.