Meet the Team

Émile Malan  (MBChB MBA)
Émile Malan (MBChB MBA)Director
Emile’s motivation for starting Vicore and approach to decision-making is quite simple. Africa has an estimated 25% of the world’s disease burden, yet a mere fraction of the world’s healthcare resources (~3%). Anyone who can lend a hand should. Amongst other things, his exposure as a doctor to the full weight and impact of the HIV epidemic in South Africa during the early 2000s, and overburdened healthcare systems in sub-Sahara Africa, keeps him motivated to make a difference. For the benefit of patients and healthcare systems, Emile will continue to leverage strategic partners but also his experience as a clinician, pharmaceutical exec and pro-digital advocate to ensure Vicore becomes the leading Regulatory and Medical Affairs partner for clients in Africa and other Emerging Markets
Désirée van Heerden (BSc Phys & Psych Honours)
Désirée van Heerden (BSc Phys & Psych Honours)Head of Regulatory
Désirée was born and raised in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Désirée and has 12 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her tertiary studies were done at the Northwest University where she received her B.Sc. in Physiology and Psychology and went on to complete her honours in Psychology with UNISA. While completing her honours, Désirée started working for a leading South African Medicine Regulatory consultancy. Désirée is a passionate team manager and also specializes specialises in regulatory affairs on the African continent of all types of pharma products, incl. medicine, medical devices, alternative medicines and cosmetics).
Jhenaan Sorefan  (MBA BSc Medicine, Honours)
Jhenaan Sorefan (MBA BSc Medicine, Honours)Regulatory Associate
Jhenaan was born and raised in Mauritius. After working in the medical research publication field as an editor for Elsevier medical journals, Jhenaan moved to Medical Device sales before joining Aspen Global Incorporated and the pharmaceutical industry where she finally found her true calling. After gaining almost a year of experience in pharmaceutical Quality Assurance at Aspen, she decided to extend her experience and pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs with Vicore in 2020. She believes her attention to detail and health sciences background can be applied in an even more meaningful way by applying her mind and energy to regulatory affairs.
Noor Owasil (MSc Industrial Engineering & Management  BEng. Chem Engineering with Energy Engineering)
Noor Owasil (MSc Industrial Engineering & Management BEng. Chem Engineering with Energy Engineering)Regulatory Associate
Noor was born and raised in Mauritius and holds two engineering qualifications. After spending some time in the UK, the start of Noor’s journey in Regulatory Affairs began in 2019 when she joined Aspen Global Incorporated in Mauritius, where she was greatly involved in both Manufacturing Site projects (site additions, replacements) and Life Cycle Activities (variations, renewals) for her portfolio of products which included various injectables. Noor would like to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry and strongly believes in improving lives by making healthcare accessible and affordable.
Alida Geldenhuys  (BSc Physiology)
Alida Geldenhuys (BSc Physiology)Regulatory Manager
Alida joined Vicore in 2020 and has more than 14 years of regulatory affairs experience. Knowledgeable in various aspects of the industry, medicine registration processes, dossier life-cycle management and post-registration processes, processes at the various 3rd parties, post-importation processes including final batch releases, GxP compliance, document control and many other. Alida has a passion for regulatory affairs & quality assurance and the pharmaceutical industry and enjoys continuously building her experience and knowledge in these sectors in which her diligence, attention to detail and analytical persona can thrive.
Jeanne Le Roux (BSc Zoology and Physiology , MSc Epidemiology)
Jeanne Le Roux (BSc Zoology and Physiology , MSc Epidemiology)Regulatory Manager
Jeanne’s journey in Regulatory Affairs began around 10 years ago when she joined a leading consultancy company in her hometown, Potchefstroom, South Africa. Three years later she joined a South African-based pharmaceutical company where her responsibilities included medicine registration processes, life-cycle management, portfolio management and quality assurance. She has a passion for teaching and learning, and places a high value on continuous learning, has a strong work ethic and finds much joy and work satisfaction in ensuring work of high quality that exceeds client expectations. Jeanne joined Vicore in 2021.